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Adult Literacy Software

Software for older students and adults to help improve literacy skills. Listed alphabetically.
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Lessons for Life English - Complete Set

$185 home / $240 schools 

Lessons for Life - English. The complete set.  Includes 7 full programs on DVD.  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels, Grammar 1 and Grammar 2, Conversations and English games!Lessons for Life - English: The Complete Set includes 10 full programs.

Now includes AudioMate, so you can take your lessons on iPod, MP3 and portable player where ever you go!

Lessons for Life Beginner Level; Intermediate Level; Advanced Level; Practical Grammar Part 1; Practical Grammar Part 2; Practical English Conversations, Interactive English Games, AudioMate Beginner, AudioMate Intermediate, and AudioMate Advanced Level.

Fast & fun learning with full immersion, multimedia language learning program for all individual learning styles. It is easy to use, with simple, intuitive, clear navigation, making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
[More information, screen pictures and video demo]

Ages 10 to Adult - WINDOWS - Digital Download

Lessons for Life - Practical English Grammar

$95 home / $140 schools 

Lessons for Life - Practical English GrammarLessons for Life - Practical English Grammar is a fully comprehensive software program providing training and lessons in all essential grammar areas.

It is fun and easy to use with simple and clear explanations that help you through the activities and feedback to help you measure your progress.

By working through the activities, you will learn to use English with accuracy and confidence. There are 2 levels of difficulty, 20 units of work and over 170 interactive grammar activities, exercises and tests. [More information and screen pictures]

Ages 10 to Adult - WINDOWS - Digital Download

Lessons for Life - Practical English Conversations

$110 home / $180 schools 

Spelling Fusion - Spelling program for adults and ESL students.Lessons for Life - Practical English Conversation provides training and practice in onversation, pronunciation and vocabulary.

You'll see, hear and practise interesting conversations. You'll learn everyday vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation.
By imitating native speakers, you'll learn to speak English FLUENTLY.

[More information, pictures and on-line demonstration]

Ages 12 to Adult Australian Software WINDOWS - Digital Download


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